Male reproductive system

The male reproductive system is the part of a boy’s body that allows him to have babies when he grows up.
The main parts of the male reproductive system are the testes, penis, and a bunch of tubes. The testes are two small organs located in the scrotum, which is the sack-like structure below the penis. These testes have an important job—they make sperm, which are tiny cells needed to fertilize the egg.

When a boy goes through puberty, his body starts producing a lot of testosterone, which is a hormone that helps him develop and look more and more like an adult. Testosterone also helps in producing sperm.

The sperm travel through a system of tubes called the epididymis, which are attached to the testes. This is where the sperm mature and become capable of fertilizing an egg.

When a man has sex, sperm comes out of the penis. The penis is the organ that allows urine to leave the body, but it also delivers sperm into a female’s body during sex. The process of sperm coming out of the penis is called ejaculation.

If a sperm meets an egg during sex, it can fertilize the egg and start a pregnancy. The fertilisation happens in the female’s body, specifically in the fallopian tubes.

Understanding the male reproductive system is important for everybody because it helps them know how their bodies work, how they can contribute to growing a family, and what changes to expect during puberty. It’s a pretty incredible system that allows for the creation of new life!